Why Choose Oze Rentals?

There are many GREAT reasons why:

» Unmatched Product Range with the Latest Technology

Instead of carrying stock ourselves, we allow you to choose just about any household goods you like from Australia's largest retailers. This system, dubbed Choose, Call & Rent™, allows you to choose exactly what YOU want instead of being restricted to a limited product range. Click to find out more about how this works.

» Free Delivery & Installation

Delivery of your rental goods is provided FREE to a distance of up to 40 kms from your local outlet. We'll also install or assemble your products for FREE.

» Affordable Rental Rates

Our rates are among the most affordable available. In most cases you can opt for an Agreed Rental Period of 1, 2 or 3 years. The longer you commit, the cheaper the rate. Selected short term rentals are available on application.

» Buyout Option at Any Time

Decided you'd like to own your rental? No problem! You can choose to buy your rental product at any time during, or after, your selected Agreed Rental Period. Just give us a call.

» No Exit Fees

Wish to return your goods? Just give us a call. No additional exit fees, and no hassles. All items and all payments due to be received just need to be accounted for. How simple is that?

» Only New Goods

We do not rent out pre-owned products except under special, pre-approved circumstances. All Descriptions, Terms, Conditions and Rates are for new products only.

» No Maintenance Costs

Hey, how about that? We service and repair all rentals absolutely FREE.

» Streamlined Application Process

Just give us a call and you'll see how easy it is to get started on a rental. Standard application time is approximately half an hour. We also fully comply with the responsible lending requirements of our Australian Credit License.

» Deal Direct with Local Franchisee

You'll deal directly with the person in charge of your franchise area, so you'll always get a quick response and good service with the attention you need.

» Free Move & Reinstallation Within Your Local Area

Gotta move after your rental starts? No problem. If it's local, we'll move and reinstall your rental absolutely FREE!

» Wide Choice of Payment Methods

Are you on a government pension or other benefits? Great! You can deduct rental payments from your regular benefits. Most payment types accepted. You can also choose from direct debit, Periodical Payment Authorities (PPA), and cash payments.