About Oze Rentals

Oze Rentals is a 100% Australian rental company with a big difference: unrestricted product range.

Instead of carrying our own stock (like some of our competitors who offer only limited options), we let our clients choose almost any household goods they like from Australia's largest retailers. This means our clients can rent exactly what they want. We call this the Choose, Call & Rent™ system.

Aussies want equal lifestyle opportunities when it comes to having the latest home entertainment gear, computers, appliances and furnishings. We are committed to offering household goods at affordable rates so that our clients can achieve their desired lifestyles. This is only one of many great reasons to do business with us!

Our hire plans come with the option of full ownership at any time! That's why we say:

Oze Rentals - Woman reclines on white couch

"Rent it, Love it, Own it!"

Oze Rentals is a franchise operation that is currently seeking new franchisees to manage territories throughout Australia. Please visit our franchising page if you are interested in becoming an Oze Rentals franchise owner and operator.