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Looking for home entertainment gear, computers, furniture, appliances, or other household items?

We offer strongly competitive rental rates and an unmatched product range. Oze Rentals is quickly becoming one of Australia’s leading suppliers of domestic and business rentals.

Whatever it is you need, you’ll soon be saying:

Why Choose OZE?

There are so many great reasons:

  • Unmatched product range with the latest technology
  • Free delivery & installation*
  • Affordable rental rates
  • Buyout option at any time
  • No exit fees*
  • Only new goods**
  • No maintenance costs
  • Streamlined application process
  • Deal direct with local franchisee
  • Free move & reinstallation within your local area
  • Government Benefits Accepted

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Now Franchising!

Available in most major capitals and surrounds.

  • Recession beater
  • Inexpensive setup
  • Minimal stock holding
  • Competitive advantages

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